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balatonfenyvesi strand
balatonfenyvesi strand


Balatonfenyves - Balaton - Hungary


Nearest Airport : Sarmellek at 30 Kilometres
Nearest Ferry : Szantod at 40 Kilometres
Nearest Train : Balatonfenyves at 1 Kilometres
Nearest Motorway : Balatonfenyves M7 at 2 Kilometres
Nearest Beach : Balaton at 50 Metres
Car: not necessary

Balatonfenyves has a 10 km long shore with its famous beaches "Central Beach" and "Csalogány Beach". Here you will find many facilities that make the bathing experience. The shallow and sandy seabed makes walking in water up to 200 m into the lake. Ideally, the beaches for families with small children. Balatonfenyves offers numerous restaurants, bars, cofes, exhibitions, concerts and shopping. The marina offers many opportunities for sport and leisure. There are many of the excursion to Balaton Berek Safari, Special train in Balatonfenyves, Surfing, Hunting,  etc.



Make a holiday rental home or property in Lake Balaton, Hungary your home away from home


Lake Balaton is Europe’s largest lake. Stretching some 50 miles. Lake Balaton is often referred to as the “Hungarian Sea”, and is certainly one of Hungary’s most treasured gems. The southern shore acts as one of Hungary’s most popular tourist resorts, with the shallow waters providing a wonderfully safe place for children to bathe.



Things to do on holiday in Lake Balaton, Hungary


Lake Balaton is a tourist favourite for many reasons. The warm waters of the lake provide a refreshing way to cool down in summer, attracting visitors to the lake beaches throughout the summer. The water temperatures in summer reach almost 26°C make it warmer than the air in the mornings and evenings, and anyone who has stayed in a Lake Balaton property, Hungary, will tell you, there is nothing finer than relaxing on the beach in the evening, watching the sun set over the distant hills and tucking into a bottle of local wine, grown in one of the rich vineyards which surround Lake Balaton, Hungary. Property anywhere around the banks of Lake Balaton will place you in stunning scenery, and within striking distance of a Lake Balaton beach.

There are an amazing number of sporting activities possible from a Lake Balaton holiday home. Water sports thrive, from water-skiing to windsurfing, and the hills which surround the lake are ideal for walking, horse riding and even golf. Lake Balaton golf courses are very undulating, and quite unforgiving, offering any golfer staying in a Lake Balaton property a real challenge and some wonderful views. The hills are also a wonderful location for hunting, and there are plenty of guides available to help you during your stay in a Lake Balaton property.

The water of Lake Balaton was considered to be medicinal for many years due to the immense feeling you get after a swim. However, having been tested, it is not the water which has healing properties, but the mud which lines the bottom. As a result, there are some fantastic spa facilities around the lake. Taking a Lake Balaton property in Heviz, Buzsak, Tapolca or Zalakaros is the ideal plan for a really relaxing holiday to get pampered.




Places to visit on holiday in Lake Balaton, Hungary


The Northern shores of Lake Balaton house around 25 lake beach resorts which nestle among the hills which mark the shore. There are numerous little towns and villages along the northern shore of Lake Balaton, Hungary each with individual charm and a range of attractions unique to the region. Balatonfured and Tihany are two of the most recognisable centres on the Northern shores of Lake Balaton.

Siofok is the largest settlement on the southern end of Lake Balaton. It is the main port on the lake, and the majority of cruise boats and sightseeing tours leave from Siofolk, but there is far more to do from a Lake Balaton holiday home than taking boat trips. The beaches are remarkably nice, whilst the Water Management Museum holds the secrets and history of work, life and recreation on Lake Balaton.



Weather in Lake Balaton, Hungary


Lake Balaton benefits from a mainly Mediterranean climate, meaning that summers are long and hot, (averaging around 25°C from June until September), and winters are short and quite dry. This has resulted in the Lake Balaton beaches being busy for large portions of the year, and the vineyards which surround a Lake Balaton holiday rental doing great business.



Travel to Lake Balaton, Hungary


FlyBalaton Airport (SOB) is a new airport in Hungary, which has made reaching a holiday property in Lake Balaton remarkably easy. Ryanair provide direct flights to Balaton Airport from London and there are plenty of companies offering car hire in Balaton airport.



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